19 February 2019
Tourist spots in Kolkata

Tourist spots in Kolkata

Places to see round the city

Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal is also known as the City of Joy or City of Palaces. Kolkata is a city that offers something for everyone. It is modern city that has a very rich culture and history associated with it. Kolkata ranks 3rd among the most popular metropolitans and is bestowed both age-old buildings and modern shopping arcades, amusement parks a lot more. It has a huge population of 15.7 million and rests on the eastern side of Hooghly River. Some of the places to visit in Kolkata are:

Victoria Memorial: Victoria Memorial was built by Lord Curzon in memory of the Indian Empress Queen Victoria after she died in 1901. It was first opened for the public in the year 1921 was designed by William Emerson and the architectural costs were around 10.5 million. Indie the memorial you will paintings of the British royal family all around. The memorial has beautiful lawns surrounding it where you can see an audio-visual laser show every evening.

Indian Museum: It is the largest museum in Asia and the oldest one in Asia-Pacific region. It has the largest collection of Indian natural history and Indian Art. The dinosaur and meteorite hall inside the Geology section is a must-see. The Government Art College and the headquarters of Anthropological Survey of India are in the same building. The museum has a library consisting of books which are of high historical value.

National Library of India: The National library is located in Alipore and is one of the leading public library. It was inaugurated in 1836 by the Governor General. The main source of books was through public donation and monetary donation by proprietors. It was initially a partial public library and its main was to collect and record all the books about India at one single place.

Maidan: It was vast uninterrupted mass of land across the edge of Hooghly. It is the perfect place for Polo and has supported games like horse racing, football, cricket and even rugby.

Alipore Zoo: The Alipore Zoo was found on 1875 by the Prince of Wales. Initially it was the place for cross breeding among the lions and tigers and was not so popular. Adwaita one of the oldest member of the zoo was a major attraction until March 2006. It was a 250 year old Aldabra Giant Tortoise.

Shaheed Minar: “Tower of the Martyrs” is the other name of this landmark and is situated on northern part of the Maidan and was made in honor of Sir David Ochterlony.

Eden Gardens: Eden Garden is known all over the world as one of the biggest stadium to hold International cricket games. It can accommodate as many as 100,000 spectators.

Science City: Science City is situated near the Bypass and is the home for interactive science programs and live bio-science exhibits. It is the first place to have an Omnimax theater. The robotic replicas of the extinct dinosaurs are its special attraction.

Nicco Park: It is the perfect place for fun lovers and provides you with complete entertainment. It is one of the best amusement parks situated in Salt Lake which has a water park to. Merry go round , choo choo, roller coaster are some of its popular rides.